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Why Does it Take 3 Sessions to Stop Smoking?

You've probably seen many advertisements by Hypnotherapists promising single session miracle cures for smoking. While that does happen sometimes, many times it takes more than one session and in almost all cases even those that do quit in one session return to smoking within a year.

Our goal is to make you a permanent non-smoke and experience and statistics have shown time and time again that by changing your behavior over 3 sessions using our protocol and techniques that you STAY A NON-SMOKER!

This is not something you want to have to do over, or possibly try to do in one session and if it doesn't work come to the conclusion that hypnotherapy doesn't work for you. Our 3 session protocol simply gets the results your looking for.

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Tampa's Stop Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Program!

The Complete Stop-Smoking Program is Comprised of 3 Powerful Sessions!

(Read the aricle in the bottom right column to understand why YOU want 3 sessions instead of 1)

Smoking Cessation Session 1: During the first session, using a variety of advanced techniques we do a thorough intake to determine the conscious and unconscious connection to smoking and the reasons why you haven't been successful quitting on your own.

Tampa Hypnotherapy Smoking CessationThe first session is a combination of Conscious Coaching and reframing designed to begin shifting the way you think about smoking. During this session we determine the exact date within the next 7 days that you will stop smoking. We do a hypnotic programming session around this date and you leave with a customized CD we create personally for you during the session that you will use to reinforce the date that you will become a permanent non-smoker.

By the time of your second session, you will have changed the entire way you think and feel about smoking, will have cut down significantly, and will emotionally and physically be ready to stop. This session is what prepares you to have significantly reduced cravings when you become a permanent non-smoker in the next session and what gives us a greater than 95% long term success rate.

Smoking Cessation Session 2: This is the day you become a Permanent Non-Smoker!
During this session we put you into deep hypnosis and build on the work we did in Session 1. While in deep hypnosis we combine all of the following approaches into one powerful hypnotic session that will make you stop smoking today!

The 2nd Session Consists of Deep Hypnosis During Which All of the Below Are Performed:

hypnosis in Tampa, FLSelf Image Reframe: We guide you to create a powerfully motivating image of you forever smoke-free in your minds eye, and then make it your reality of how you perceive yourself!

Stop Mechanism: We create a post-hypnotic suggestion around an image or word that you choose that should you ever think of smoking a cigarette again, you can use to instantly stop the urge or craving.

Aversion Therapy: We subconsciously link cigarettes to something that you find very disgusting and dirty, so that the thought of smoking will now instantly be linked to those disgusting thoughts and feelings.

Anchor Replacement: We take the very hand movements and physical actions you've linked to smoking and make them anchors for relaxation and calm WITHOUT the cigarette. This allows you to get many of what you thought were the perceived benefits of smoking (calming and relaxing for example) anytime you want just by doing certain movements you used to associate with smoking.

quit smoking hypnosis TampaRegression: We take you back in time to one of your first experiences with smoking and move you forward through time to create a threshold response that allows you to emotionally feel and accept that you have already smoked more than enough cigarettes in your life and that today is the end of that story.

Desensitization: We take you to situations in your life that previously created cravings or the urge to smoke, and desensitize those feelings around those situations so that you no longer want a cigarette regardless of the circumstances.

Motivation for the Future: In step we amplify the effects of all of the prior steps by super charging your motivation and allowing you to move forward in time, seeing two futures, one where you smoke and realize the horrible health problems that have come from smoking, and then we take to you a future where you stop today and are living a healthy vibrant life.

Finale: In the final step, we synthesize and amplify all of the elements in the session and plant them deep within your subconscious mind so that you are Now and Forever a Permanent Non-Smoker!

You Also leave the 2nd session with a new Hypnotic Programming CD to reinforce that you have Now Smoked Your Last Cigarette!

quit smoking medical hypnotherapySmoking Cessation Session 3: This is what we at Tampa Stop Smoking Hypnosis Clinic call “The Power Session.”  This final session typically takes place 7 days after the 2nd session. During this session we address any cravings you've had or any emotional issues around not smoking that have come up. Using NLP, Modified Eye Movement Therapy, and Direct Suggestion we create a very solid “seal” and cement in the positive changes we have made so far while also suggesting that you will not gain weight now that you are smoke-Free!  This tends to be most people’s favorite session, because while you have been free of cigarettes since the last session, it’s after this experience that you are free of any remaining cravings and emotional desires around smoking!

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