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Why Does it Take 3 Sessions to Stop Smoking?

You've probably seen many advertisements by Hypnotherapists promising single session miracle cures for smoking. While that does happen sometimes, many times it takes more than one session and in almost all cases even those that do quit in one session return to smoking within a year.

Our goal is to make you a permanent non-smoke and experience and statistics have shown time and time again that by changing your behavior over 3 sessions using our protocol and techniques that you STAY A NON-SMOKER!

This is not something you want to have to do over, or possibly try to do in one session and if it doesn't work come to the conclusion that hypnotherapy doesn't work for you. Our 3 session protocol simply gets the results your looking for.

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Smoking Cessation Frequently Asked Questions

What is the success rate for stopping smoking using hypnosis?

Tampa Stop Smoking Hypnosis 3 Session Protocol which combines Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Behavioral Coaching and more, has a stop smoking success rate of Over 95%!

What is Hypnosis like and what should I expect during my sessions?

Hypnosis is an altered, yet natural state of mind that you frequently go into throughout the day without even realizing it. A trained Hypnotherapist guides you more deeply into that state and uses it so that you both can explore and speak directly to the subconscious mind to create the change you want!

How are Tampa Stop Hypnosis sessions different from those offered by other Hypnotherapists?

 In this program, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Behavioral Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and more comes together to create the ultimate Stop Smoking Program.

My friend tried hypnosis to quit smoking before and it didn't work.  How will this be different?

As was mentioned in the question above, our education and training, as well as the smoking cessation protocols we've developed far surpasses those of most practicing Hypnotherapists in the United States. In addition to possibly having a therapist with less training or less advanced protocols, your friend may not have "been ready" to truly quit. Part of your first session is an in-depth intake not only clearly explaining hypnosis and how it works, but also determining your true readiness to quit. If you are, then with our 2-3 session protocol you are within days of being a permanent non-smoker forever.

How many sessions does it take to quit permanently and what are the fees?

At Tampa Stop Smoking Hypnosis our smoking cessation is 3 sessions.  While other Hypnotherapists claim you can quit in 1 session, we have found that success rates go from about 40% to 90% with 3 sessions and because we are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of service, customer satisfaction, and reputation possible - we think it’s worth it!  Our fees vary depending on our current volume, specials, and discounts offered at the time.  If you are curious about program costs please contact us at 813-579-5353 to learn more!

I've given up cigarettes before but gone back.  Can Hypnotherapy change this?

Absolutely!  The reason you went back to smoking before is because the habit of smoking was never addressed at a subconscious level.  The subconscious mind stores habits.  You may have quit smoking for a while through conscious willpower alone before, but that’s like swimming upstream…eventually you got tired and gave up.  What hypnotherapy is able to do is weaken or eliminate the habit.  It’s like changing the current of the water so you’re now no longer swimming upstream but you can simply relax and let the river take you to your destination!  Just imagine!

Isn't tobacco physically, not just psychologically addicting?  How does hypnosis help that?

Yes this can be the case, depending on how often you smoke.  Both of these reasons, the physical as well as the psychological addiction, are the purpose for Session 1 of our stop smoking protocol.  During the 7 days between sessions 1 and 2 you will be cutting back on your cigarette consumption to pace the physical addiction into being completely smoke-free on your quit date.  You will also be preparing yourself mentally for your new life completely smoke-free through a series of behavioral changes that will affect your thoughts about smoking and being a smoker.  Many people who go in for the “1-session-cure-all” to stop smoking are disappointed because they go right back to smoking soon thereafter.  This is because although they wanted to quit, they hadn't invested in the new lifestyle yet, mentally or physically, and when the day finally came, it was like their best friend suddenly disappeared and it was too hard.  We can’t stress enough the importance of Session 1 to truly ensure you become smoke-free and STAY SMOKE-FREE for the rest of your life.

Can I combine "the patch", nicotine gum, or other stop smoking tools with hypnosis?

Yes you can, however we don’t recommend it unless you want it and are a heavy smoker (2 packs/day or more) and only up until your quit day.  This is because we are pacing your body, mind and emotions into the reality of being nicotine-free.  If you are smoking heavily and would like to do away with cigarettes almost entirely during the 1st week, we would recommend the patch or nicotine gum to help pace the physical addiction of nicotine until the point of your quit day.  However, be careful to check the concentration of nicotine in the patch or other substitutes you are using….some people have cut out the cigarettes and gotten the patch only to discover they were actually taking in more nicotine than they had been while smoking cigarettes!

What if I have a nutrition and/or fitness program that I have used before and want to use again?

We always recommend that you check with your physician before implementing any new or strenuous fitness or nutrition program.

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